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Because of her many social outreach efforts to help the under-served, Dr. Mehrnoosh Darj was awarded “Dr Mehrnoosh Darj’s Day” by the mayor and city council members of El Paso. As a dentist, Dr. Darj is part of an El Paso tradition of dental comfort and care. She is a 1998 graduate of the New York University School of Dentistry and has dedicated her career to providing you with the best dental procedures technology and medicine has to offer. Dr. Darj is continually educating herself and her staff on the newest dental techniques to provide you with advanced, comfortable, personalized and antiseptic dental care. In her continuing education, El Paso TX Dentist, Dr. Darj has completed courses in TMJ (jaw pain) therapy, occlusion (bite alignment), cosmetic dentistry, dental implant management, children dentistry, and advanced antiseptic training.