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Gingivitis (bleeding gums), periodontal disease (gum and bone disease) and neglecting your professional dental cleanings…
All have one thing in common:

And any infection anywhere in your body WILL weaken your immune system.

Infections in your mouth have been directly associated with increased risk for:

  • Heart disease
  • Diabetes
  • Stroke
  • Complications to pregnancy
  • Liver disease
  • Kidney problems
  • Circulation problems
  • Cholesterol and plaque build-up in your arteries

One of the best ways to prevent all of the above potential health issues are regular professional dental cleanings and excellent home oral hygiene.

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We’re so glad to have found Dr Marvin as our holistic/natural dentist. Dr Marvin deeply cares for our well-being. He understands and thoroughly explains why the teeth is one of the primary channels to our overall health.!


– Angela C.

If you’re contemplating on coming here, do it! His knowledge and skills are worth it. The staff is great too. All in all, just a wholesome experience. Best holistic dentist ever!


– AJ B.

I have been a patient of Dr. Marvin’s for 3.5 yrs his knowledge and expertise in natural holistic methods put me at ease from the vary start. Dr. got me in quickly, painlessly removing the tooth and the infection. It was a beautiful experience. Dr. Marvin is an expert in his field and a very kind man. I highly recommend him.


– Edna B.

Talk about stellar dentistry! If you are considering a root canal or have mercury fillings, you must consult with him first! Once you do, you will know he is looking out for your overall well-being. Dr. Marvin is truly a holistic dentist. I recommend Dr. Marvin to all of my friends and family.


– E. A.

What a beautiful facility and friendly staff! I had no idea how much receiving PROPER dental care really affects your overall health! Dr Marvin is so knowledgeable and really cares about the well-being of his patients.  I am very blessed and excited to have found Dr Marvin and his staff!


– Jennifer W.

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dr marvin pantangco

Dr. Irineo Marvin Pantangco, III — Dr. Marvin — is a holistic dentist in San Diego with a passion for a natural approach to dental care. He has spent countless hours educating himself and his patients on the most effective, holistic dentistry available. Dr. Marvin is able to determine and treat the root causes of the dental issues that affect his patients, resulting in effective and efficient dental care.

Dr. Marvin participates in numerous organizations designed to spread the word on basic nutrition, mercury awareness, gum disease awareness, and whole-body dentistry. As an IABDM Board Certified Biological Dentist, he is completely dedicated helping others achieve optimal overall health.

There have been many studies over the years that have linked gum disease to other medical issues, such as heart disease, rheumatoid arthritis, and diabetes. Dr. Marvin has spent years of his life exploring the links between gum disease and systemic disease and, consequently, developing natural solutions to the real demands of oral hygiene and dental health. As a result, he is able to promote and provide biological dental medicine utilizing a non-toxic diagnostic and therapeutic approach.

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