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If you are suffering from migraines and chronic headaches,

you may have a TMJ disorder.


You could suffer from TMD and not even know it!

Temporomandibular Joint Disorders (TMD) cause pain in your jaw joint and in the muscles that control jaw movement.
TMD is the leading cause of facial pain and headaches. Chronic migraines are often the biggest sign of TMD.


TMJ Disorder Treatment Options are Available

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jaw pain?

Affordable TMD treatment is available at our office!

Are you suffering from chronic headaches, jaw aches, dizziness, or pain in the neck and shoulders?

You might be suffering from TMD, aka TMJ dysfunction, an increasingly common problem that affects up to a third of all Americans.

TMD refers to a misalignment of the upper and lower jaw, misalignment of the jaw joint itself, and also the resulting painful muscle spasms and hyperactive nerves. Our body responds to these misalignments with compensation in other areas of the body resulting in pain far from the source of this problem.


Although our TMD comprehensive exam and work up is a highly technical and complex process, TMD treatment for the patient is always successful, simple, and non-invasive. Instead of medication or surgery, phase 1 TMD treatment for pain consists of using a removable custom anatomic orthotic to align the jaw for optimal function, allowing your body to naturally recover to ideal physiologic function again.

You don’t have to suffer from TMD anymore! Be happy and free from chronic pain and headaches.

symptoms of tmj disorders:

  • Headaches
  • Pain in the temple area
  • Pain in and around the jaw joint area
  • Back pain
  • Shoulder pain
  • Stiffness in the neck
  • Limited movement and opening of the jaw
  • Clicking/popping in the jaw joints
  • Earaches and ringing in the ears
  • Dizziness

TMD symptoms are often mistaken for regular headaches and migraines.  

tmd treatment benefits:

  • Eliminate chronic discomfort – TMD causes headaches, jaw pain, neck pain, shoulder stiffness, and upper back pain
  • Reduce risk of dental damage – TMD is often caused by bruxism (teeth grinding), which can lead to cracked and missing teeth
  • Protect ear health – serious cases of TMD can lead to tinnitus, or chronic ringing in your ears
  • Enhance overall health – TMD leads to many systemic health problems

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tmd treatment Testimonials

My jaw would lock and make clicking and popping noises which made it very difficult to open my mouth and eat. I was constantly feeling dizzy, getting headaches, and experienced some neck pains. In addition to that, I’d grind and clench so bad while I sleep [which I was unaware of] that I’d wake up with pain in my temples.

So I spoke to Dr. Mike about my symptoms and he arranged a consultation with me explaining his treatments which were non-invasive. I decided to go with the treatment. In just a few days of wearing my mouth guard, I immediately saw changes.

It’s been about 5 months now and all my symptoms disappeared. I feel more awake and the best part of it all, I sleep very well through the night. I’m so glad I chose this route over surgery. I’m free of pain! Thank you so much to Dr. Mike and the wonderful staff there. You’re all awesome!!!


– Samantha C.

I’ve never had the amount of care and compassion from any other doctor that I experienced with Dr. Miyamoto. When I met Dr. Mike for the first time, I got such a good feeling about him, and I was right. He took the time to tell me that there was actually something wrong and that he could help me.

I’d been ignored and treated like a hypochondriac by so many medical Doctors for so many months that hearing him tell me that made me cry. I was so relieved to have someone listen to me and make me feel validated. On my second visit, where they did tests, molds of my teeth and several other test that took all day, Dr. Mike and Trina stayed all day even though the rest of the office was off at noon. I thanked them for helping me and asked them if they stayed just for me and they said yes, that I was in pain and they didn’t want to make me wait any longer.

Like I said, I’ve never had this level of care from anyone, anywhere, they are quite simply the BEST. I will refer anyone I meet and everyone I know to Dr. Mike Miyamoto!


– Dollye P.

Dr. Miyamoto is an AMAZING dentist.  I have TMJ/TMD and for the last 26 years, my jaw has progressively gotten worse while I sought treatment with over 56 oral surgeons, orthodontists and dentists and not one single one would take on my case as my problem was so extreme. That brought me to Dr. Miyamoto who is the only one who deals with TMJ/TMD in Maui.  Surprise, guess what, he didn’t think I was a lost cause but showed me an alternative treatment called neuromuscular orthotics.  It’s a mouthpiece you wear that balances your jaw to sit the way it should.

I can’t even begin to tell you how much relief I got when I started wearing this.  For 26 years, I suffered with so much pain not just in my jaw, but both my nose and cheeks would crack, I had tremendous earaches which would make me so sick, loss of sleep, ringing in ears, severe neck and shoulder pains and the list goes on.  I can’t believe how much a jaw can affect your well-being. 

I absolutely give Dr. Miyamoto 5 plus stars and strongly recommend him for any of those TMJ issues.  Neuromuscular science is something that doctors are just starting to learn about and Dr. Miyamoto is already advanced in it so you are working with a top level expert.


– Ka’iulani P.

I invested in this top notch night guard. Not only will it help protect my teeth, it will also help my tmj area. I am one of those who has been grinding for a very long time. I’ve had a night guard before but it was like one of those huge “mouth guards”. We’ll that was in the 90s. This new one I got from Dr. Miyamoto, is custom made for me. My own. And it’s thinner. And comfortable too. I am very pleased with Dr. Miyamoto and his staff services and care. Thank you!


– Jeannie K.

Dr. Mike is the greatest dentist on Maui, and very possibly the world!  I recently had gum surgery, which in the past was a very painful and horrible sounding procedure that included taking skin from the roof of your mouth!  Dr. Mike is THE only dentist on Maui who is trained and certified to perform a new type of gum surgery that is virtually pain free and gets the same results as the horrible old way!  I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Mike and his entire staff (Sara is also the world’s best dental hygienist!).  They are awesome!!!


– Jan P.

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In 1987, Dr. Michael Miyamoto joined his father, Alan Miyamoto’s practice and most certainly continues their long legacy of uncompromised care.  In the years that followed, they were both voted Honolulu Magazine’s Top Dentists in Hawaii by their peers. 

In 2016, as part of their commitment to excellence, Dr. Michael and Dr. Alan Miyamoto followed other dental offices on Maui in becoming a fee-for-service practice.  This change means that this office has no contract with the insurance companies so there is more freedom to provide ALL the MODERN and COSMETIC TREATMENT OPTIONS that patients search them out for without the restrictions and limitations of an insurance controlled practice.  All dental insurances are still welcome here (except Medicad) and all claims are still being filed for you, just as we always have provided our patients.  Although Hawaii is one of the states that allow insurance companies to discriminate by reimbursing patients in a fee-for-service practice less than an insurance controlled practice, Dr. Mike and his team feel it is important to continue the legacy of uncompromised care and provide these unique treatment options most other practices on Maui cannot offer.

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