Lecture with Dr. Eric Beck

How to use micronutrients, macronutrients and other natural nutritional approaches for health, longevity and vitality — for all ages


I am a medical doctor for over 24 years, an outdoor enthusiast, adventurer, health and fitness expert.

I love to see individuals of all ages get healthy and happy!

I am organizing an informational lecture for my local community, and showing you how you can be healthy and improve your fitness.

Here Are The Details:

Date: May 5, Sunday
Time: 2 PM to 3 PM
Where: Valley Center for Nerve Studies and Rehabilitation
2227 Drake Ave Bldg #5,
Huntsville, AL 35805 

Subject: This is a lecture for everyone who wishes to live a healthy, disease-free life through practical lifestyle methods.

We will discuss raising energy levels with micronutrients, macronutrients, and special ways to reduce the occurrences of diseases — through nutrition, mindfulness training, as well as regular restful sleep.

Arrive early!

Cost: Free but registration is needed, so I can see how many people are arriving for this lecture. Register here

Spread the word and share this event with your family and friends!

I am Dr. Eric Beck.  I am a physician in Huntsville Alabama specializing in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. 

Keeping the people in my community happy and healthy is important to me. This Sunday, I am organizing a lecture at our Huntsville office to educate and provide information for everyone who is interested in leading better, healthier lifestyle. I will be addressing practical tips on increasing one’s quality of life and showing how to improve overall health with fitness, nutrition, and diet.