How to Participate in Share a Smile, Make a Smile

1. Text your picture to (256) 588-8399

2. Share your picture on social media with #DrBeckSmile

3. We will donate one meal to the local food bank

Thank you for sharing your smile! You helped someone in need by participating in our Share a Smile, Make a Smile program. We would like to thank you by giving you this special gift: FREE Intro Acupuncture Session for Neck, Back, and Arm Pain

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“I’ve been fascinated with science and neurophysiology — which is the study of the body’s nervous system — my entire life. This, along with my desire to interact with patients on a daily basis, got me interested in physical medicine and rehabilitation. I went on to earn my doctoral degree and medical degree and have been practicing since 1995. Throughout my career, I’ve helped thousands of patients of all ages by offering today’s state-of-the-art diagnostic and treatment methods. But beyond excellent medical care, one of the best ways I can help you get healthy is through communication. I’ll spend the time necessary listening to your concerns and answering your questions. I find that preparing you and educating you about your condition makes a positive impact on your recovery.”